Over half of our member families are intermarried.  Why?

Most American Jews don't marry other Jews.  Yet many of us, while leading secular lives, still appreciate and benefit from aspects of our Jewish traditions, culture, and lifecycle events. 

Humanistic Judaism, as practiced and taught at The City Congregation, can fulfill this need for contact and engagement with our cultural heritage.  Humanistic Judaism is truly relevant to our time and place because it embraces diversity and multiculturalism in an inclusive setting.  This is why so many intermarried couples and families join us.

Visit us to learn more about The City Congregation of Humanistic Judaism and our secular KidSchool in an informal setting.   We will provide a warm atmosphere, complimentary child care and, most importantly, an opportunity for you to be embraced, and understood.  Come meet us and learn more about what we believe.

Find out if Jewish humanism and The City Congregation can fulfill your family spiritually by registering for one of our three Spring Open House/Information sessions.  You can also contact us by email if you have questions.  We look forward to meeting you.