3000 years of history is a terrible thing to waste……… 

     Our secular Jewish Sunday school (we call it KidSchool) will help build and/or preserve your child’s connection to Judaism.  In teaching children about Jewish values, history, culture, and ritual, our guiding principles are intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and reason, thus giving our students a big head start in life.

     The Jewish people has produced numerous sages and philosophers going back thousands of years. Surely our tradition must be incredibly powerful to have survived so long, in so many contexts, under such adverse conditions.  Let us help you and your children find a comfortable space, free of religiosity, in the Jewish world.  Go to CityCongregation.Org now, and explore how secular Humanistic Judaism can help you give your children a meaningful connection to her heritage, and a head start in life. 

      Sign up for one of our three Spring Open House/Information sessions, on the Upper West Side.